Always be thankful.

I’m sitting in my room listening to music, looking at my christmas lights, and reading these quotes over and over, all the while thinking about all that I am thankful for. Somedays it seems like all I do is think about the things I don’t have… A thin, gorgeous body, a boyfriend, my own house… (those are just the top ones.) I should be thinking about the things I do have… I may have an overweight body, but at least I’m alive. I’m alive and getting to enjoy life… So I shouldn’t waste it. I don’t have a boyfriend, but I have many friends that are here for me just the same. If I need something, a friend or family member is just a call away. I don’t have my own place, but at least I have a family who is willing to put up with me. (haha I can be a real pain at times!) It’s amazing how sometimes all we need is a little quote to make us think of what we really take for granted.
I love this journey I’m embarking. That is something I am truly thankful for. I know a couple years ago, I would never have taken this chance. I would never have taken the time. Yes, some days are extremely hard… Cravings take hold and don’t let you go. For instance, I did so good all day! I stayed OP and tracked everything. My falling came this evening, when nothing looked good… So what did I do? Ate Taco Johns! I luckily had around 20 PP left from the day so hopefully it was taken care of by that… but still. Then to top it all off… I ended up eating ice cream as well! Oh boy… I believe in the thought of “don’t ever deny your body something, because you’ll just want it that much more.” So luckily, I only ate a little bit. Do I regret anything from today though? Nope.
Is tomorrow a brand new day, where I can start out fresh? You betcha!

Thanks for listening and reading! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and I hope that tomorrow you don’t have “a case of the Monday’s”. Remember… Be thankful! Always, Always be thankful!


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