Monday Monday.


my “playhouse” in my backyard

As much as I like Christmas and all the beautiful lights, I really miss summer. I miss walking outside, with the sunshine beating down, the sounds of birds chirping, the smell of fresh cut grass, the wind blowing through the trees… I mean, yeah, I guess I could go outside now, but this is Minnesota don’t cha know! Actually, I really don’t mind walking out when it’s cold… just not when the ground is covered with ice where I could fall and break my neck! We’re supposed to be getting into the 40s later this week (WHAT!? SAY THAT AGAIN!?) so you can bet that I WILL be outside as much as I possibly can!!!

Well on a second note, my Monday started off with a jolt. I stayed up way too late last night… and so I never really heard my alarm go off this morning. So when I woke up on my own, at 9:30, I about had a heart attack! I NEVER sleep that late! Crazy thing was, I was super refreshed! I love that feeling. I also started doing Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds again. Man… either I am totally and utterly out of shape or I’m just a slow walker, but this lady had me huffin’ and a puffin’! It felt so insanely good though to move… I’ve gotten so lazy! I blame Fall. Oh Fall… Another big thing that happened today, I weighed myself and put it in my WW account info, so I’m “officially” starting back at week 1. It’s kinda crazy that I’m having to “start over” but I can tell this time WILL be different. I’ve seen first hand how losing the weight and then getting it pretty much all right back (I’m 4lbs shy of my starting weight from the beginning of the year) and it sucks! I hate it! So, I’m excited!


Some good stuff!

 Lastly… FullSizeRender

So I plan to do just that! I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning and go right to working out. Leslie Samson and Jillian Michaels… Please be nice to me! 🙂


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