Something in the water.

(Man, if you haven’t heard this song by Carrie Underwood, I definitely recommend it! It’s just so fantastic.)

I, again, didn’t hear my alarm. Partly because I forgot to set it last night, but still, I didn’t end up waking up until 9:15. Thank goodness I have evening hours yesterday and today! I surfed the web a little (gotta figure out what I want for Christmas…) and then I popped in Leslie Sansone’s DVD again. This time though, I did the 2 mile walk. Seriously, I must move differently while doing these because man does my hips and thighs hurt! Just got to keep at it! OH! a super part of my day was… I STAYED OP ALL DAY! Plus I have like another 8pp left for tonight so I can still snack on something if I get hungry! 😀

I’m super excited about tomorrow! I have the day off (whoohoo!) and I’m going mall walking with a friend! Mall walking is actually a lot of fun. I just like walking with someone else. I can be a chatterbox, but I also like listening to what other people have to talk about.

Man, I think I should write these posts in the morning or during daylight. My mind is kind of blank tonight. Hopefully I will have more to write tomorrow. 🙂


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