Oh what a day.

Well, today went by actually really quickly… It’s crazy how fast days go by. Kinda scares me. I try not to think about it… Another reason I’m not a fan of winter… Days are so “short”.

Anywho… This posting is going to be super short because I was told today that I am needed at 7am instead of 9am. So it’s an early bedtime for me tonight!

I went on a lovely mall stroll today with my friend, and had a wonderful time catching up. As I said before, I just love walking with another person because it makes the time fly and then you have someone to talk to and not having to walk all by your lonesome. We walked 4.5 miles! Whoohoo! Go us! I’m super stoked about that, but I didn’t stretch afterwards (not bright) so my calves are killing me! I’m happy though, because that shows progress! I didn’t hit 10,000 steps today either, but I was super close! (I went grocery shopping in hopes to get some more.) At the end of the day I’m at 8,957. So close! As I said, I went grocery shopping today, and got a major haul on some goodies! I love sales! I’ll kinda talk about tomorrow what all I got. That’s all for now.


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