Once upon a December.

It’s already Saturday night? Say what? I can’t believe it! So yesterday, I worked my tail off… I got on the Treadclimber, hoping to just make it a whole 30 minutes. I turned on a workout playlist on Spotify, turned on my bingo game on my iPad (because I get bored) and got to work! Honestly, it felt like only 2 bingo games later that I looked down and I was already at 34 minutes (passed my goal!). Telling myself I could go more, I chugged some h2o, and told myself that I would do 6 more songs (roughly 26 min) making it a total of 60 minutes. Well 60 minutes came by and my songs weren’t done, then 62 minutes came by and I didn’t realize… As you can see in the picture below, I FINALLY quit at 66 minutes.


If you haven’t tried the Treadclimber… It is some hard freaking work! Especially when you haven’t been on it for awhile! After that I felt dead. So I went and took a shower. When I was getting ready and into my PJs I noticed something that I haven’t noticed before… I felt around on my right side of my abdomen and felt something hard. Now, I’m a full fledged Hypochondriac. Like I’m very bad. My mind flew off the handles and thought of the absolute worse. Ended up sending my dr. an email (which she just responded! whoohoo!) asking what I should do. So if you can imagine what kind of mood I’ve been in since yesterday… It hasn’t been the greatest. I luckily was able to keep my mind off of that this morning because I had to work. Got to take my nanny kids to their floor hockey games. Seriously, watching little 4-6 year olds playing floor hockey is so cute! After all of the running around, I treated myself to a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. I wasn’t thinking when I bought the coffee because I really hadn’t eaten much of anything for breakfast, so I got a stomach ache. Lesson learned; Don’t drink caffeine on an empty stomach! OH OH OH! Also look how warm it got today!!!


50 DEGREES! Holy cowabunga! I couldn’t believe it! 50 Degrees in December in Minnesota. Wowza. I took advantage of this wonderful opportunity and took my boys for a walk!


Napoleon wasn’t much of a fan of the walk today. Since it was warm, the snow was melting and the ground was completely gross. Dirty and sand everywhere! Mozzie on the other hand… had the time of his life! He was running and jumping all over the place. Only was able to be out for 25 minutes, but it was worth it… They were EXTREMELY filthy… They both got baths out of the deal too!

Hopefully tomorrow will be an even better day!


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