First week weigh in!

Today is my first week weigh in since “restarting” Weight Watchers. I was TOTALLY going to weigh myself this morning, but I’m surprised I was actually able to function this morning. Didn’t go to bed until 11:30p and then had to be up at 5a. I was kind of dead to the world when I woke up! So it looks like I’ll do it tonight. When is the “best” time to weigh yourself anyways? Kind of excited to see what all I lost. I’m not expecting a big loss, but anything really will be an improvement!

So last night I went to my god mother’s daughter’s choir concert last night. This gal is so close to me she’s like a sister. It was at the church next to her school, and even though I’ve been there countless of times… I still find it gorgeous every time I’m in it! I mean, look at those windows!


I think it’s pretty. I also got to get dressed up as well which is always fun!


Well, I better get back to work…  I’ll post what I lost later. 🙂 Fingers crossed!!!!


6 thoughts on “First week weigh in!

  1. bricimino says:

    I always weigh a bit less in the morning than I do at night. (one night I lost 5 pounds in a night but I have a wonky thyroid and my weight fluctuates like crazy) Congrats on your 4 pounds!


    • aubrie2308 says:

      preachin to the choir about thyroid problems. I have those too. Not fun!! I’m gonna have to try and remember next week to do it in the morning. I don’t work (whoohoo!) so hopefully I’ll remember! 😀

      Thanks! 😀 I’m super happy! haha

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