Every day is a journey.

Good morning! Finally! A morning where I don’t have to get ready for anything and just sit in my pjs on the couch! (This won’t last long.) I’m only doing this a little while, and then I’m forcing myself to get up and go downstairs and work out! I’m pleased to say that I worked out yesterday morning before I left for the day! (I really can’t believe I did it either…) The whole morning I thought, “I’m so tired, I don’t want to go downstairs… If I go down then I’m just going to have to take a shower before I leave…” Well I was supposed to leave at 11:30, and I finally talked myself out of that nonsense and went down stairs at 10:30. I got in my half hour, showered, AND was able to leave at 11:30. Dang! Go me!!!!

So the more my journey continues on this long and sometimes dreary road, I realize, I really can do this. Yes, there will always be hard days and there may even be some days that are really easy, but I can’t step off this path. I sometimes have that thought of “This is too hard… I’m tired and getting discouraged. It’s so much easier being fat,” but then I see a post on a blog or a picture on the net, and I get this jolt of a lightening bolt through me that zaps all those negative feelings away. I mean, is it really easier being fat? No, I don’t think it is. Yeah you don’t have to worry about working out and tracking every single thing you put into your body, but living with the extra pounds in itself is hard… Not to mention what it’s doing to your health, social life, and mentality. Speaking of social life… I don’t have one. I don’t like going out looking the way I look. So why would I ever let myself have the thoughts of giving up?

If you take anything away from this post, I want you to take away this… Don’t. Give. Up. Don’t tell yourself that it’s easier to just stop and to continue down that dark, dimly lit path. Veer off that path and onto the brightly lit up path! It’ll be hard, I promise you that, but the outcome is so worth it.


3 thoughts on “Every day is a journey.

  1. rachaelxoxo says:

    I am really loving all of your posts today! Your quotes and this blog post seriously hit home. Sometimes I think it’s easier (and more enjoyable) being fat, too, but then I look at the fact that I’m 22 with next to no social life. While my handful of girlfriends are out with their significant others on NYE, I’ll be home with my health food and Netflix :/

    Yes, it’s easier to just eat whatever you want and not obsessively track and constantly be mindful of your choices, but there are bigger, better, and more important things than food and eating. Someday I’d like to have the social life of a “normal” twenty-something, you know? I can’t do that, though, when I can’t stand the way I look or feel!

    Thanks for capturing my attention today! No giving up for this girl! 🙂 ❤

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    • aubrie2308 says:

      Amen girlfriend! You and I are doing the same exact thing on NYE! those are my plans as well 😛

      I’m glad I captured your attention! 🙂 It helps to know that you’re not the only one out there feeling this way! It definitely helps me get more motivated knowing “I’m not alone”. What I love to do is just think… Next year, on NYE, you could be out having a grand ol’ time with all your friends, living it up and celebrating how far you’ve come in a year. Doesn’t that thought make you feel awesome inside?! 😀

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      • rachaelxoxo says:

        It does! And I hope to be a whole lot happier with who I am by this time next year! Maybe I won’t be at goal yet, but I know that I won’t be the weight that I am now—I know I will weigh less! And I am hoping that I’m more happy with the outside AND the inside, too, next year. I am making a promise and commitment to myself to just be better all around. The upcoming year is going to be a good one—for both of us! We just have to keep pushing forward and make it so! 😀

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