So, I’m contemplating spending the money to go “premium”… Do I want to spend the money ($99 for a year) or just continue on with free and basic? It’s a tough decision! I looked at how much space I have left to add pictures and I’m at 97%. Yikes! I mean, part of my whole thing on here is “motivational quotes”. They help motivate me, just as much as I try to help motivate others. I have time to ponder about this, because I won’t be doing it until after Christmas anyways.

Well, my day went pretty fantastic yesterday! I ended up doing 45 minutes playing DDR. To top even that NSV off, I even did multiple songs on “Standard!” All 270lbs of me did Standard and I did fantastic at it. (Another reason why I want to go “premium” is to show off the video I took of me doing standard!) I’m contemplating on doing more DDR today. I’ve done it 3 times this week already. I should probably do another form of exercise. Maybe I should do the Treadclimber. Hmm… Decisions decisions.

I have off today (whoohoo!) so all I’ve wanted to do is cook. Right now, I’m making “Spinach Chips”, then I think I’m going to make “Baked Sweet Potato Chips”, and after that I’m going to be making a delicious “Chicken Pot Pie”. MMMMM YUM! I’ll post all the recipes on here after I’ve done them! Yay!

Well, I best get to cooking! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! 😀


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