Christmas Vacation!!!

Sooooo excited. Can you see it in my face?


Today at 1:30, I started my first day of my 20 day off break. Twenty days. Holy cowabunga… I am beyond excited. I am going to do the following…
1. Workout whenever I feel like it.
2. Not leave my house unless it’s an emergency.
3. Cooooook!!!!
4. Catch up on my DVR since it’s in the 90% full range.
5. Relaaaaaaaaax.
6. Reunite with my secret lover… His name is Netflix.
7. Spend some quality time with my fur babies.

Seriously though, I’m so excited. I started off my vacation Christmas shopping. All I’ve gotten though is stocking stuffers. Does anyone else have problems with that?! I’m kinda worried about what I’ll get this year… Normally I get junk food up the wazoo. Hopefully (since my mom is supportive) will get me more makeup or something. My dad though is so oblivious to all this it’s pathetic. Oh well, I’ll pawn off whatever junk I do get. It’s not a big deal I suppose! 🙂 anywho, back to stocking stuffers… I shopped at the dollar store. Haha. I got some pretty funny/cool stuff so haha we’ll see if it goes over well.

Afterwards I ended up going out to eat with my folks. I hadn’t eaten all day, (literally, I hadn’t eaten anything but a piece of banana bread and a venti skinny latte from Starbucks at like 8 this morning… Yeah yeah I know I know, that wasn’t smart of me… But one of my nanny kids ended up eating the snack I brought while we were at the other two’s hockey games. Since I didn’t want to deal with a crabby and screaming that he was hungry 2 year old, I just sucked it up and gave it to him.) So by the time we FINALLY ate at 6:45, I was starving. I got thee most DELICIOUS burger I’ve ever had… It’s called the Greek Burger. It’s a hamburger with creamy cucumber sauce, cucumbers, diced tomatoes, basil, and melted feta cheese. Seriously… It. Was. So. Good. Along with that I had some sweet potato fries. I pretty much know I’ve gained weight this week. It really hasn’t been a good week for me, but the more I think about it… I’m not mad or sad at myself. I’m human. I’m bound to make piss poor choices… I just have to learn from them.

Well, I’m cleaning my room and watching Nikita, but it’s mostly watching Nikita and not really cleaning. Tehehe. My life is oh so exciting!!!


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