Christmas Eve Eve.

As my kid sister (not by blood) calls this day… It’s been an okay day. I love time off from work. What my favorite thing to do is… Stay up until like 2am watching Netflix marathons that I start at around 10:30pm. Call me crazy, but I love it! Right now my marathons have been Nikita (TOTALLY love this show. Really sad that it’s over, but I still get to see Maggie Q because she’s on Stalker and I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!!)

Anywhoozle, I don’t have all that much to say right at the current moment. My day yesterday was pretty boring really… I didn’t do much of anything. I took a nap, chillaxed on the couch, surfed the web, spent an enormous amount of time on Pinterest, and worked on my 2015 calendar. Oh here! I’ll go into details about surfing the web and pinterest and then my 2015 calendar because really, I know you’re just dying to read all about it.

So, I’m looking for a new comforter/duvet and I really have no clue as to what my “style” is. I feel like I’m “country/rustic, bohemian, chic, vintage” all rolled into one. I found a few on Anthropologie that I absolutely LOVE buuuut as you can see when you click on them, they are absolutely way too much for me.

Georgina Duvet (cream)

Copacati Duvet

Meadow Dusk Duvet

The next thing I worked on was I did my calendar for 2015! I’m super excited about filling it out… I made it all fancy and stuff!


This is only January, but the whole calendar looks like this! I’m REALLY hoping I stick with doing it and do it every day… I did good this year in January, pretty good in February, so-so in March, and totally bailed on doing it in April. So we’ll see!! I have faith!

Later on I actually cooked dinner. I didn’t start until 5… Not a smart move on my part… BUT I cooked, and it was DELICIOUS! I received many compliments. I made the Light Chicken Pot Pie I found on LaaLoosh. I definitely recommend trying it!

That’s all I really did yesterday… I know, so exciting.

Well, that now brings me to today! I woke up super early and watched GMA, Kelly & Michael, The View, and then The Chew. Holy cowabunga. So this is what people watch when they are home during the mornings… haha. I then went and picked up my kid sister (again not my sister but she honestly could be… everyone already thinks she is anyways), drove her to Subway and got her, her mom, and my mom lunch then drove her back to my house. After that we played some DDR against each other and  now, I’m talking to all of you and listening to the sweet, sweet sounds of Michael Bolton. 🙂

I should probably wrap this posting up… I was supposed to help the family bake cookies and then I’m going out shopping with my mom because none of us have ANYTHING picked out for each other yet. Our tree will be so bare underneath this year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday!!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Eve.

  1. aubrie2308 says:

    I say do it! I have it right on the back of my door, PLUS I have motivational pictures and quotes I found online around it. Since my door is always shut when I’m in my room, it’s nice to look at it. It’s always a reminder to me as well. No trouble in trying at least! 😛

    Merry Christmas to you as well!!! 😀


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