The Future.

“Your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it.
So make it a good one.”

If you don’t happen to know the quote above, it’s the line Doc says on the ending of Back to the Future III. I’ve seen the movie countless of times, but it just finally clicked today. Before I decided to lose weight and eat healthier, I just always assumed I would be big for the rest of my life. Once I heard this quote though, it really was like a light bulb turned on. My future is whatever I want it to be. It’s not written in stone that I will be overweight my whole life. I have the choice to make my future look the way I want it to look. What a great thing to fully realize on the first day of the year!

On a second note, man do I feel like poo. New Years Day is always a BIG thing for my family. Lots of food. Did I have any self control today? Nooooooope. All went out the window. I’m just happy today is done and I can move on. I thought about going into details about all I ate… well after the 2nd pastry I thought, yeaaaaaah never mind. (told you… bad bad day for eating). I’m not quite looking forward to tomorrow… Yearly Physical. WHYYYYYYYYY did I schedule the day after New Years Day?! Not my brightest moment. Thankfully I had blood work done 2 weeks ago, and they did the full workup then… but still. Not to go into full details but it’s also my first physical. :/ So, we’ll see how that goes. Best thing about it is that it’s not until 4:30pm so I can’t eat all day. DEFINITELY looking forward to that… After all the junk today… PLEH!



Just thought you would like to know that if you didn’t know already! I’m a happy camper. I occasionally will watch Friends when it’s on Nick @ Nite, but this is so much better! 😀 Gonna head to bed and fall asleep to this, so I can get up super early and work out. I was going to workout when I got home, but I felt like Violet Beauregarde.


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