The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekend.

To start this off… I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to get back into the swing of things. It’s so frustrating! I start off so good… And then… BAM! Attack of the snacks in the house!!! Anyone have any suggestions on how to get back on track??

I was supposed to have a physical yesterday. Woke up early to go workout and I had a massive migraine. (Waking up with a migraine is the worst!) so, I decided to just go back to bed. Slept until 9:30. Woke up and realized, “well crap, I’m not supposed to eat now because of my physical!” I ended up caving and eating lunch because I was starting to get dizzy from my migraine. Since I ate food though, I wasn’t going to take any drugs because I didn’t wanna doubly wammy myself. Thinking the migraine would go away if I took a nap, I went upstairs and slept. Two hours later I woke up and had to shower, and the migraine was still there if not worse. Got to the clinic in a rush and was told “sorry you’re appointment was at 4:15.” Excuse me?! They changed my appointment and never told me!!! (My head was about to burst at this point.) Had to reschedule til the 19th. When I got home, I popped some Excedrin and went back up to my cave of a room. My head started to feel better so I binged some more on Friends.

This morning i thankfully woke up feeling great! Came downstairs and hung out with my mom, until my dad came down looking like death. By noon he was saying he needed to go to the ER. So around 1, my mom finally took him. While they were gone I got some reading in. When the rents finally got home at 5, i found out that, My dad has the flu! (Wonderful…) To make matters worse, guess what came back and made an appearance… The migraine! Ughhh. I just better not be getting the flu!

Any spare good vibes you have that can be sent my way would be much appreciated! 🙂


9 thoughts on “The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekend.

  1. rachaelxoxo says:

    I am sorry about your migraine, my dear! I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

    As for getting back on track… What I do (and this isn’t foolproof, but go with me here) is I try to find something healthy (or healthiER) to replace the not-so-healthy food I’m thinking of going for.

    Like last night, for example, I wanted a big ‘ole greasy fast food hamburger. I’ve been wanting one for DAYS, and I thought long and hard about just eating one and tracking a stupid 24/25 P+ for it and then just being done with it, but I didn’t. Instead, I went to Carl’s Jr. and got a jalapeño turkey burger.

    A Carl’s Jr. jalapeño six dollar burger = 24P+ (according to the WW etools app on my iphone).
    A Carl’s Jr. jalapeño turkey burger = 13P+ (again, according to the etools app).

    A Carl’s Jr. medium size fry = 11P+ & a Carl’s Jr. small size fry = 8P+ (according to etools).
    The small (baked) potato I already had at home = 3P+.

    So I traded in my six dollar burger for a turkey burger & my french fries for a small baked potato with a couple Tbsp. of mango salsa (0P+) I had in my fridge. The meal I originally wanted would’ve cost me 35 or 32 P+, depending on what size fries I got. The meal I actually had cost me 16P+.

    The turkey burger was actually REALLY good. I’m not going to lie and say it was just as good as the six dollar burger (because it wasn’t), but it did cure my craving.

    So the next time you have the urge to snack on something that doesn’t quite fit in with your plans or goals, try to find comparable things that are healthier! That’s my tip!

    Xo. ❤

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    • aubrie2308 says:

      Thanks Rachael! The migraine tonight has left the building! (Thankfully!!)

      Thats a really good idea actually. I never really thought about that! I should sit down and really think about healthy snack options. Im always looking for recipes for meals but never snacks. Plus whenever i go out I always get the same unhealthy thing… I should look for the “better” option like what you did! Thanks for the tips!!


  2. says:

    All you can do is the best you can in the moment. It’s hard when you have a migraine, appointments being canceled without your knowledge and your dad going to the ER. The unexpected comes up and it changes all your plans sometimes. Always remember it’s one day, there is always tomorrow and the rest of the week to catch up and make progress.

    It will eventually begin to add up all the changes you are learning to make and who you are ultimately becoming through the process. You are a working progress. Cut yourself some slack and try again tomorrow! 🙂 I hope you wake up feeling better tomorrow and if not be good to yourself and do the best you can!

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  3. Dustin John says:

    I had to rush my wife to the ER when i woke up last night. (I work graveyards) She has been sick since the first and it got so bad her airway constricted so much she couldnt breathe. She is okay now, but her sickness has put my schedule on a different path. For the meantime, I will help her get through this nasty virus and continue back on my “resolutions” that I made to work on my health etc.
    i guess my point is, life happens and we can only take it as it happens. You are doing great and just because some things have set us back, dont mean we have failed. We pick up were we left off and continue pushing forward. You can do this. Backstepping is only a problem if we give up on the main goals. 🙂

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    • aubrie2308 says:

      So sorry about your wife being sick. I’m glad she’s okay now though. Hopefully she makes a full recovery really soon! It’s scary when you have to take family in when they’re sick. Every year we have to take my dad in. He’s got diabetes so when he gets sick, he gets dehydrated super fast and goes down hill even faster.

      You’re so right. Backstopping is only a problem if we give up. Love that. I’m going to write that down and put it on my motivation wall. Thanks so much! 🙂

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