Sing it to me Ray.

Today was a pretty darn good day. Sitting here listening to the sweet sounds of Ray Lamontagne and relaxing in my big comfy chair. I really wish that the day wasn’t almost over actually. Oh well.

Woke up super early to go out shoveling. It’s so incredibly cold here!!! So I got dressed up and went out like this… be jealous of my awesome fashion attire…

IMG_9904Not at all boring if you can see! I was so warm!! I had on fleece superman pj pants, sweat pants over those, and then fleece purple leopard pj pants. I then had a tank top, tshirt, hoodie, and fleece jacket on. Plus a big scarf. Oh I also had on my super warm boots and then obviously gloves. I may have looked silly, but boy was I toasty! And really, isn’t that the only thing that matters? YES! 😛

After about an hour and forty minutes of shoveling, I came back in and warmed up alongside my fur babies. I then went out shopping with my Godmother around 11. We got some awesome shtuff today! First we went to Northfield Olive Oils & Vinegars. I love that place! It’s kinda intimidating when you first walk in because there are so many to choose from. After asking what their opinions on some were, I ended up buying two.


I’m super excited to use both of them! The Oregano is a very tart, mediterranean flavor, and the Maple tastes exactly like maple syrup. The lady said the maple works with just about anything. I can’t wait to try it on my brussels sprouts! I think it will taste delicious! She also said she puts some in right before she eats her oatmeal. If she puts this in she doesn’t need to add anything else. I think I will try that!! I have no clue what any of this is points wise, so I’ll have to really look into that now.

After we left there we went to a small, local bakery in Northfield. She bought two packs of kolache’s (Raspberry and Apricot), and then a dozen Russian Tea Cakes. OOOOOOOOH RUSSIAN TEA CAKES! I absolutely love Russian Tea Cakes. Like majorly love. I could probably have eaten the whole dozen. I didn’t though! I’m so bad with sweets. I feel like I crave them all the time lately, especially now that I’m back on WW and am watching what I’m eating.

I stupidly never ate breakfast before shoveling. I didn’t eat breakfast after shoveling either. So after we left the bakery, we walked to the next block to a local restaurant called J. Grundy’s Rueb ‘n’ Stein. I used to go to that restaurant ALL THE TIME with my grandma when I was younger. (We’d go there and then go to Kmart hehe…) I probably should have gotten something much healthier, but since I hadn’t eaten anything and it was already close to 1pm, I picked what looked best on the menu… Oh and was it an excellent choice. It was delicious!!!! No regrets.


Afterwards we went to good ol’ Target. Faribault isn’t lucky enough to get one (we only get Walmart), so I love going to Target when I get the chance! Looked around, and got a couple things. Nothing super important. I, of course though, HAD to get Starbucks as I was leaving though… I can’t say no to coffee. I don’t know how people give up coffee. I couldn’t and will probably never give up coffee. MMMM… Skinny Vanilla Latte… Yum.

IMG_9912 oh and the lady butchered my name… even after I SPELLED it out for her…



After we got home, I went back out with my mom to the local appliance store for our kitchen remodel. Man, it hasn’t even started yet and I’m already sick of it. We luckily have everything picked out now (thank God!) so it’s just finding the time to get it all put in. We’re getting new flooring, new counter tops, new hardware for our cabinets, new sink, and then new fridge, stove/oven, dishwasher, and microwave. Can’t wait! I’ll have to take a picture of our kitchen before we make it new and pretty. 😀

Last but not least… I ordered my Fitbit Charge HR last night!!! SUPER excited! I think I saw though that it won’t be shipped for another 6-8 weeks though. Not enthused about that, but at least I’m finally getting one! Yay!! 🙂

Alrighty, going to sit here and continue to listen to Ray sing to me. Have a good night everyone! 🙂

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    I’m glad you had a great day today, it sure sounds like it, heck I would of enjoyed a day like that! 🙂 I love going out to eat and shopping. How can you go wrong there. Also, all that shoveling is great exercise too. Way to go!

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