People’s Choice Awards…

were a huge let down. They weren’t as funny this year to me. Maybe I just had too high of expectations. It just seemed to me that some people tried too hard. Dax and Monica’s bit though was pretty dang funny! ahahaha. I must be getting older. OH! And if you watched it, did you happen to see while Iggy was singing, Johnny Galecki was standing there and then did the “oh yeah I’m so cool I’m going to push my hair back and start singing” move? PAHAHA it just looked so incredibly awkward to me… All I could think was… Leonard is singing along with an Iggy Azalea song?!

I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday! It was my last day off of work today. (Well, not really if you think about it… I only work 4 hours tomorrow night, and then I have off Friday… but I work all weekend, and then have off Monday. Then comes the craziness!!) I’m actually looking forward to going back! I hope the kids haven’t forgotten me! hardy har har.

Oh what a day it was today. I almost froze taking the garbage out this morning… It. was. so. cold. You become very grateful for heat, clothes, and a warm bed when it’s this cold. I can’t imagine homeless men, women, and children, having to live out in this. I pray anyone who is going through a hard time was able to find shelter last night and tonight.

After I warmed up, I goofed around on Pinterest looking for some more good recipes. I also did some work on my blog. After realizing I was spending a lot of time on the computer, I set it down and played with Mozzie. Napoleon doesn’t play all that much anymore. He still loves chasing tennis balls down the hallway, and playing tug-of-war with Mozzie with the huge rope we got Mozzie for Christmas, but most of the time he looks like this…


Doesn’t he have the life?! He looks so comfortable all the time! I love him to death!!! After Mozzie was getting pooped out, I started to clean the kitchen. After I put the clean dishes away and the dirties into the dishwasher, I was having a strong urge to cook. I decided I wanted to make something with the brussels sprouts I bought the other day, so that’s what I did! Boy, did they taste delicious!!! I have to admit… it was my first time eating them. I remember eating them as a kid and I totally despised them. So I was kinda nervous to eat them this time around. They seriously were so good though! In the future though, I will be buying smaller brussels sprouts, because majority of the ones I bought were on the large side. I also got to use my maple balsamic vinegar! yay!!! The recipe for this tasty dish can be found, here! 🙂


After I ate the whole plate (I only did a half recipe because I had no clue if I’d even like them so I didn’t want to waste all of it), I sat back down and had two, yes two small cups of coffee. Oh boy, was it ever delicious. As much as I love going to Starbucks and Caribou, I love just sitting at home with some in my favorite cups.

IMG_9951Once I was all caffeinated up, I was looking around my refrigerator and noticed I desperately needed to cook my asparagus. It was looking very sad and on it’s way out. Since I had to throw out my pound and a half of not-so-fresh-anymore green beans, I didn’t want to have to throw out my asparagus too. So I cooked up that as well! This asparagus recipe… Oh boy, oh boy. Heavenly. You can find the recipe for this piece of heaven, here! 🙂


Well folks. I have big plans for tomorrow. I NEED to get back into the swing of working out again. I will be completely honest right now and say I have barely worked out during my 3 week vacation. That’s completely sad and pathetic. Not happy with myself for that, but it’s over and done with now, I just gotta move on. So I’m going to get up early tomorrow, get in my time on the tread climber, and then I’m going mall walking with a friend. Yay!

Wish me luck!

I can do it!!!!!!!!!


8 thoughts on “People’s Choice Awards…

  1. ambeerfancykicks says:

    I have lost all motivation to go to the gym while the weather is so bad! During my walk from the office to my car I completely talk myself out of going because I am chilled to the bone! I hope I don’t feel this way all winter – that will be many months without a gym visit. Yeesh!

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    • Aubrie says:

      Amen to that! I luckiky have everything in my basement… But i still havent used it! Its cold down there! I know Ill get sweaty and warm but ugh. Just no ambition! We both gotta find some! If i find any, Ill share with you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • ambeerfancykicks says:

        I would appreciate that! I bought a weight bench and a lower end elliptical machine to put in my basement. My parents got me a treadmill for my birthday a couple years ago, too. I just have no motivation to use those items at home. I feel weird being all sweaty and gross at home. It feels normal in a gym, but at home it skeeves me out. I may need a little of that motivation if you find it…I should probably use the items since I did purchase them…:P

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aubrie says:

        Haha I see your point. man you got a nice assortment going on though! Im the opposite; Id rather workout at home. Here’s why… I can have the music blasting as loud as I want (and it be something I actually like listening to), I can wear what I want and be totally comfortable and not have to be self conscious, I can act like a fool and sing if I want to! Another thing is, I have asthma so I tend to breathe heavier when Im working out. Whenever I was at the gym, I would be so self conscious about how I was breathing and if I was loud and people could hear me. its a crazy thing to be worried about, but it definitely makes me anxious. So its nice being at home doing my own thing, without worrying about what other people are thinking.

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      • ambeerfancykicks says:

        I totally see where you’re coming from! I also have asthma, and it’s even worse when I workout. I get all…congested and feel like I am hacking stuff up all the time. I feel bad for the people next to me at the gym, lol. I agree that wearing whatever you want at home would be much more satisfying too…I always wear baggy basketball shorts and a baggy t-shirt to the gym, but at home I could just do scantily clad attire and probably stay cooler. You’ve given me much to ponder today…I think maybe I’ll jump on the elliptical tonight at home and see how that goes.

        I live at my dads house, but in the basement. He smokes…a lot. So the upstairs usually smells like smoke and it’s really hard to use the treadmill up there with the smoke and the asthma. It makes a simple walk seem much harder. I have the elliptical downstairs though, so I will give it a try.

        I also need to drink more water…I hardly drink water so I know that it probably is doing more harm than good.

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      • Aubrie says:

        Asthma sucks! Lol. Oh the people next to us… Lol! I say give it a try tonight, if you really cant stand it, at least you gave it a shot 🙂

        Ive been getting better with drinking water. I have two camel backs that I loooove so that makes me want to drink water!


      • ambeerfancykicks says:

        How funny…I just told my boyfriend last night that I want to get a camel back water bottle! My coworker has like 4 in different colors and I LOVE it! I will probably be picking one up soon. Right now I just have my Great Value water bottles from Wal-Mart – not very environmentally friendly lol. I am actually in the process right now of making a goal/reward sheet for milestones, so I will make drinking more water a goal, and the reward will be a new water bottle! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aubrie says:

        See! They are awesome!!! I have pink and purple. I was at Target the other day and came upon the motherload of them though… TONS of colors. I want more now! Haha!!!

        That is an AWESOME goal!!! I definitely think you should do that!!

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