My face exactly as I walked through the grocery store.
Holy mega deals!!!

I got so much stuff for so cheap! I EVEN got Weight Watcher brands that were on sale. WHAT?! Weight Watcher food brands on sale? Shut. Up. Oh and they also had a great deal on Clif Bars. Seriously… best trip to the grocery store in a long time.

Tomorrow is my first day back after having 3 weeks off. It was a glorious 3 weeks, let me tell you. I stayed home most of the time, and just caught up on resting. It was, like I said, glorious. I was actually supposed to go to work last night, but due to Mother Nature being a fickle b, I didn’t feel safe or comfortable driving. We had a major blizzard here. It was bad!

Well since we got the blizzard, I got to go outside today and shovel. It wasn’t bad, but boy was it still kinda windy and cold. If you live at my house, we have the rule of “you must shovel to the curb”. I swear we’re the only ones who do it on the block but hey, makes our house look pretty I guess.

Once I finished that and came in from the cold, I cleaned out the pantry and then watched “Pregnancy Announcement” videos on youtube. I definitely recommend watching some of the compilations if you’re ever bored and have nothing better to do. Some of them are pretty hilarious. After I started getting sick of them, I found The Oregon Trail and Chips Challenge. My childhood has been relived today.

To sum up this short post, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I probably won’t post this weekend because I’m going to be busy at work. Talk to you on Monday!!


8 thoughts on “Jackpot!

  1. rachaelxoxo says:

    Where do you typically shop? I usually shop at King Soopers (Kroger). I am not sure whether or not you have one of those in your area… Anywho, I have the hardest time finding WW products! We always talk about this at my weekly WW meetings. In most of the stores in the city, you have to have the store special order WW products, which is a pain!

    I’d love to get a haul like this, though!

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    • Aubrie says:

      I shop at our local HyVee store. I LOVE HyVee. They carry A LOT of the WW products. (I just dont usually buy any of it because it is more expensive.) thats a bummer that its so hard to find them. They really do make good stuff! It would almost be easier to just order the ww stuff online than to have to special order it. Idk if you have HyVee’s down there, (might jusy be a midwestern thing) but if you do, try there!


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