Smoothies, Netflix and a bunch of other stuff.

Do you ever have trouble thinking of titles for your posts? I obviously, couldn’t think of a title this morning. 😛

I made a tasty smoothie this morning that I’m drinking now. It’s quite good! I bought a generic magic bullet that I have probably only used IT MAYBE twice. Anyways, it was pretty good. I woke up with a slight headache, and feeling run down. I’m hoping I’m not catching anything, so I thought a smoothie would be a good breakfast.

While I drank my yummy smoothie, I turned on Brick Mansions on Netflix. It was one of the last movies Paul Walker did before his sad, and depressing passing. We lost a good one… If you haven’t seen Brick Mansions, I would recommend doing so. I was definitely in an “ass kicking” mood, and I wasn’t disappointed! Now I’m watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit while cleaning. (Not getting much cleaning done though sadly…) So far so good… I mean, it’s got Kevin Costner (oh I love me some Kevin Costner…) and Chris Pine… Chris-hottie mchotterson-Pine. How can it not be good? It just started though, so I’ll have to give an update when it’s done.

IMG_0190I got in over 8,000 steps yesterday. I’m chalking that one up to mall walking though. I can’t wait until Spring and Summer when I can get back outside and take my super long walks with the pups. Plus it’s nice because I take the kids on walks as well. I’m tired of Winter!!!

IMG_0183Would you look at that beautiful sight? Thank you HyVee! Love our grocery store! By buying certain groceries, you get cents off of gas. Well I got A LOT of cents off! 😀 That was a great feeling once I filled up. (I was on E by the way…) Normally it’s like $40 to fill up… so I am VERY happy with this!

I should probably stop with this and get back to cleaning. I am the best at putting off cleaning… I hate cleaning! It must get done though. The flooring lady is coming with the flooring we ordered and bringing countertop samples as well. So I gotta get at it…




5 thoughts on “Smoothies, Netflix and a bunch of other stuff.

  1. ambeerfancykicks says:

    OMG you do not have that cup! I LOOOOOOVE those cups. I have mine stashed away at my grandma’s house :).

    I have been thinking about getting a magic bullet. I bought a cheap blender from Amazon when I wanted to try out making smoothies – turns out since the blender is so big I cannot eye correct portions and have made 10x the smoothie I meant to each time. I hate wasting the leftovers because nobody else in my house will drink a smoothie. The bullet would keep me in check, lol.

    Great job on your steps! I only just brushed over 3,500 again yesterday. I had to do some running in place and laps around the kitchen again to make it, but I did! I will give you a full report and a post on Friday with all the days numbers too.


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    • Aubrie says:

      I do have that cup! Hahaha im so glad someone besides me remembers them! I also have other ones but I think theyre buried. Oh we also have those McDonalds Glass Diney glasses (wow we aparently ate out a lot…)
      I say get a bullet, even if its a generic one. I like it. Its small and can be easily stored. 🙂 plus you don’t have to worry about making too much!

      Good job on the steps! I know for a fact that I wont make it to 5000 today. Ive already been walking around and my phone is charging sooooo its not keeping track. Drats. Oh well, I’ll try to get some in tonight. Some steps are better than no steps!!

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      • ambeerfancykicks says:

        OMG I remember those glass ones too! I think I have 1 or 2 of those left, but I don’t have the whole collection anymore :(.

        I actually started looking on Amazon for a bullet and I found a couple that are pretty low priced. There’s a Hamilton Beach one for like $17. Looks pretty similar to the bullet.

        Agreed, some steps means at least you moved around! 🙂 You can do it!



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