Dry eyes.

hehehe. I woke up with red, burning dry eyes this morning. 😛

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s not a Friday for me, I work all weekend again. It’s going to be a long weekend… 9.5 hours today, 12.5 hours tomorrow, and 10.5 hours Sunday. I like long weekends though (call me crazy…). If it’s anything like last weekend… we will have fun! Lots of laughs last weekend. Hopefully I can find some fun arts and crafts on Pinterest we can do. 

Well, I got in over 5000 steps yesterday! I was actually pretty proud.


I lounged around and then I went to work out downstairs on the tread climber, but noticed that it was full of boxes. (We’re putting Christmas decorations away). Frustrated that I couldn’t workout on that, I came back upstairs and popped in my Leslie Sansone dvd and got in roughly 2 miles before I had to shower and get ready to babysit. Once I got there the kiddos wanted to have a dance party. Oh boy, do I love dance parties. Especially when you dance terribly and won’t feel weird because you’re not trying to impress anyone. So, I got in the last steps by dancing like a fool. It was fun, you can be jealous!

This all brings me to today now… I have no ambition what so ever to work out before I go to work. My bosses have a treadmill, so I can always do some walking once the kiddos go to bed. So instead of getting my blood pumping, I’m watching movies on Netflix. First was Taking Lives, and now Along Came A Spider. (What’s up with these movie choices I have lately?) This is good stuff in any case.

Oh before I forget… I was asked what my weight loss goals are… You can find them under the About Me tab or by clicking here!

So how about all of you? Are you getting in your exercise time? What are your weekend plans?


3 thoughts on “Dry eyes.

  1. CookItSlim.com says:

    Great job on your 5000 steps and I too watch Leslie Sansone! I love those walking exercise videos they are perfect for me. 🙂

    This week I need to get back into my normal diet and exercise routine myself as I have put on a few pounds from getting off of it. I don’t know what it is about gluten and dairy but it really puts on the weight!

    Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend with the kiddos and I’ll catch up with you more later. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

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