Fill the air with joyful noise.

This last weekend has been very, what’s the word… enlightening. It’s made me realize that I take single life for granted. As much as I’d love some mini-me’s running all over the place, I like the fact that I can go home and relax completely. I am able to sleep the whole night, disturbance free. Again, I will say, I love kids, and I desperately want my own some day, but I also want to state the keyword in that sentence as well; someday.

Today is weigh-in day. Like all weigh-in days, I was not at all looking forward to standing on that scale (I’ll tell you how that went a little later on). Partly because this last weekend had been a terrible eating weekend. Bleh to those! Friday was “Pizza and breadsticks” night for the kids. I was going to pick something up for myself for dinner when I went to get the kids from daycare, but the van wouldn’t start, and when it finally did start it was 10 to 5pm. (Keep in mind I was told the pizza guy was coming at 5:15.) They only live like 6 blocks from the daycare, so luckily it only took at most 5 minutes to drive there. We pulled into the parking lot, to see that it was completely full. I then ended up having to park a block away. By this point I’m thinking and saying to myself, “Well we’re going to to miss the pizza guy… crap!” Thankfully, the kids listened wonderfully to me and we were out of the building in record time… 7 minutes! I couldn’t believe it really. We booked it to the car and all got packed in. When we pulled onto their road, I could see the pizza guy walking down the steps back to his car… pizza in hand. I parked the car a few houses down and ran, yes ran, down the street yelling, “I’m here, I’m here!!!! Don’t leave!” He looked at me like I was crazy and then said, “Oh good, I didn’t think anyone was home.” Whew. Can you say close call?! I tend to find myself being an emotional eater, so since my nerves were all over the place, I didn’t hold back from eating two slices of pizza. (I seriously LOVE pizza… I’m eating veggie pizza on delite crust again tonight… don’t judge… I couldn’t eat until noon today because of my physical this morning!)

Saturday and Sunday meals were those “Pizza Patties”. They are actually pretty dang good. My only complaint is that they are extremely salty. So I definitely won’t need anymore for a while.

So like I said above, my physical was today. Not at all bad. What made me happy was seeing that weight on the scale. 270.4. Whoohoo! Down .6 lbs! I’ll take it! After all the gains and then maintaining last week… I’m happy it was a loss. After my appointment, my friend and I went to the laundromat to wash comforters. While they were washing, we walked to Caribou and got coffees. *Does happy dance*. I tried the new Honey Hazelnut Latte. *drool* It was heaven in a cup. It was so freaking fantastic! Plus it was so gorgeous out this afternoon it was nice to just walk outside.

After we got done and I took her home, I kept thinking about how nice it was today. It neared 40º today, so I came home watched like 10 minutes of Pitch Perfect, (I absolutely LOVE this movie! It’s my second fav movie, right behind The Breakfast Club…) and then went to charge my phone. Once it was charged to 60%, I got on my boots and got my behind outside. It was so nice being able to walk outside again. I love walking outside. I’m lucky and live in a great part of town with lots of trails. Plus, I had an aca-mazing (hehehe) playlist so it kept me moving. Here’s some of the songs that were on it…

I of course got in some pretty gorgeous shots as well!

I would also like to thank the house that did not shovel the sidewalk in front of their house… It was so hard to walk through! It was of course up hill as well. I was definitely a huffin’ and a puffin’ when I reached the top. Thank God I decided to wear my boots!

damn you!


When it was all said and done, I walked a great walk today. I’m super proud!

So far my steps are at… Which I seem to find AWESOME!


Well folks, I hope you had a wonderful weekend, a marvelous Monday,and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

4 thoughts on “Fill the air with joyful noise.

    • Aubrie says:

      I use RunKeeper 🙂 its an awesome app. I love it!! I love that it shows the map. You can really see what you did.

      Thanks. Im happy with it! 🙂 My dr said I’m doing good am on the right track.

      My weekend was insane!

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