It’s been a good day.


It’s been a relaxing Friday. I had the day off (yay!) so of course my mother wakes me up to ask me about countertop edging before 7am. Parents.

After running up and down the stairs about 6 times when a lady came to pick up a cookie order, I relaxed on the couch. I got to watch The Young and the Restless today too! (I think Kelly is really the crazy one… well Phyllis is too…) Man… my morning by the sounds of it was super boring… but it was relaxing and I very much enjoyed it.

After lunch, I took Napoleon to the dog park. He doesn’t get alone time much anymore since Mozzie came along, so I think he really enjoyed it. It was so beautiful out today! It was nice to be outside in the sunshine! Plus the awesome thing about our dog park is, it’s just a big walking area around trees all around a lake that used to be the “swimming place” way back when my parents were kids. So besides Napoleon getting to run around, I also got to walk! I got in over 6K steps! whoohoo! I didn’t go super fast, but it was walking in snow… so, I’m happy with the speed I did go. I, of course, took some pictures…

Once we were done at the dog park, I came home and fiddled around on the computer while I watched Dr. Phil. Holy cowabunga… that was an intense hour.

Thank God Ellen is on after Dr. Phil! It was some much needed laughter after that episode. While we watched Ellen, my godmother, Sarah, my mom, and I opened our Christmas gifts. I was SUPER happy with what I got!

What I’m most excited about is… STACY IS BACK!!!! The premier of Love Lust or Run was on tonight 🙂 I can already tell I’m going to love this show! I am a super fan of Stacy London. She, to me, is just an awesome and genuine lady! I find myself not having much of a style, so I would take a makeover from her any day!!!

This all leaves me to right now… I’m cleaning my tornado stricken of a room because I have plans tomorrow, and I just need to get it cleaned. Tomorrow, my friend from high school, Nicole, is home for the weekend from up north, so we, along with Trisha (my second mother), are going to hang out up in my work neighborhood until I work at 4. We have lots planned already. We are going to hit up Breadsmith (best stuff ever… Oh they have the best pretzels… Carb overload…), the Starbucks or Caribou that are right next door, and then head on over to Wuollet Bakery. Seriously, I’m going to have to workout so much tomorrow before AND after work… it’s so worth it to me though!   I’m super excited for some delicious goodies!!!

Better get to cleaning… Ugh.


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