I’m baaaaaaack!

After what feels like an eternity of not being on my blog, I’m finally back and ready to jump back into the swing of things. I left my last blog post stating my feelings about Valentine’s Day. Granted I’m not a fan of it, I feel like the beginning of February always makes me feel down and not motivated for some reason. Maybe I secretly love Valentine’s Day way deep, deep, deep down? Who knows. (I think I do sadly…) It’s over and done with now so I can move on. Main reason I’ve been away though is I’ve been fighting a bad GI Virus. Tuesday started out fine, but I noticed I was peeing a lot, so my hypochondria set it full force and I decided to take my blood sugar just incase something else was going on. My dad and god sister (yeah lets just go with that) both have diabetes, so I know what to kinda look out for. When it came back perfectly normal, I seemed to settle down, but still a little worried as to what was going on. I went to bed Tuesday night feeling totally fine, but Wednesday morning, woke up at 3am and started throwing up. It continued every half hour, until 7:30am, when it was to the point of I could barely stand, walk, or keep my eyes open. I’ve gotten the bad genes from my father where, when we get dehydrated, we need IV’s in order to get us back up to par. So, I ended up spending the morning in the ER getting an IV and drugs. Well, that ended up knocking me out the rest of the day and night and all of Thursday as well. Being sick is no fun… The plus side I guess to it all? I lost 4 lbs… I know it’s not the “healthy” way, but hey, you’re supposed to look for the silver lining right?

I’m going to try a couple things differently the rest of this month and shoot for next month…

  1. I’m giving up pop. Definitely diet. I keep hearing “aspartame poisoning” and I’m noticing that I’ve been getting headaches a lot since drinking “sugar free” beverages. I guess I’ll be giving up Skinny lattes from Starbucks as well…. 😦 Hopefully I will see a good weight loss result because of this? Who knows… it’s worth a shot.
  2. My godmother bought Low Carb cook books, and I want to do more cooking. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten back into the “eat out all the time” scene again, and I’m not liking how I’m feeling.

I also have not received my Fitbit either. I’m almost to the “I’m just going to cancel my order and forget about getting one” stage. I’m so frustrated. GRRRR….

I guess I’m done with this post for the night. I’m still pretty drained from everything, and I can hear my bed calling my name.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaack!

  1. Brittany says:

    Welcome back, I missed your witty posts! I am so relieved to be over my flu from the beginning of the month, so believe me…I feel ya! Good decisions on the pop (from FL so I giggle when I say pop instead of soda) and the home cooking! I hope you feel better and kick this bug for good 🙂

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