FITBIT can go suck it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.17.51 PM

I am so freakin’ frustrated. This is ridiculous. I cancelled my order. Honestly, it’s not worth the money anymore. At first they said I wouldn’t get it for 6-8 weeks. If I kept my order I wouldn’t get it for another 2 months, plus another week or two for shipping… That’s a total of 5 month wait… RIDICULOUS. I’m sure I can find something out there much more cheaper… Plus, if I’m this upset about it now, I’m always going to look at it and be mad about it. I’ll resent the dang thing. The Fitbit was supposed to be a Christmas gift from my parents, so I will gladly use the money from this and put it towards the camera I want.

Grrrrr I’m mad right now.


7 thoughts on “FITBIT can go suck it.

  1. donahcbrown says:

    I hear your anger and frustration, Aubrie, but, having gotten my fitbit Charge for Christmas, I can honestly say it is a really great tool for keeping track of your activity and food intake. Isn’t there somewhere near where you live that you could buy one without having to wait? Or maybe you could pick up a used one on Ebay – it is about time for all the January dieters to start dropping out!

    Meanwhile, good luck and keep up the good work!

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    • Aubrie says:

      Sadly, since I’m in the “in-between” on sizes, I had to go with the XL instead of L, and they only sell the XL on the website, they don’t sell them in stores. I thought about Ebay, but if I get it on there, I won’t have the “warranty” or even ability to return it or anything. So… for right now, I will pass on it. I’m super bummed. I have been patiently waiting for this thing for like ever… I placed the order before it was even made known that they were being sold on the website. Maybe after some more hard work, I’ll think about getting one… but for right now, I’ll look at other options on step counters. :/


      • donahcbrown says:

        Just to see if I would like it, I got a REALLY a cheap knockoff one at Ross. It was decent enough for me to do the upgrade. You might try to see if you can find a look alike at one of the discount stores?


      • Aubrie says:

        My posts go straight to my Facebook, and a friend on there commented that on Groupon they have Jawbone Up Fitness Tracker Bracelets going for $49.99. I just did a look through and they are pretty much the exact same as the fitbit. They track steps, your sleep, and give reminders, and you can plug it into your phone to track everything as well… It’s even waterproof! I think I’m going to look into this more… especially since it’s only $50!


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