Bay Breeze.

The alcoholic beverage that is…

Mmmmm #baybreeze #delicious #ineedfoodnow

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I rarely drink. So I’m a super lightweight. I’m definitely feeling that delicious drink and I have a feeling I will most likely have a headache in the morning. I only had one. See, lightweight. Tonight was a dinner for Saint Vincent de Paul at the good ol’ KC’s (Knights of Columbus for those who don’t live in Faribo). I was invited by my friend (really she’s pretty much family… she was my nanny growing up and I’ve known her my whole life, so she’s like a second mother) who got free tickets at her work. It was my first time ever going and I have to say… It was pretty fun! We had some awesome food, and I got to hang out and laugh. Really I got to just be social. I need to get out more obviously, I just don’t. I chalk that up to not being comfortable in my own skin when it comes to “going out”. One day… This journey of mine will allow me to learn to be comfortable being me in certain situations. I’m looking forward to that day!

We are cool. Be jealous.

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So about the rest of my day… Oh man, today… what a day! 😀

It started out with taking both my boys to the Vet. It was only me venturing out with the two boys and I have now vowed to NEVER take them by myself, ever again. Getting out of the car alone was hard enough. See, my dogs go crazy when it comes to “going for a ride”. Once we get somewhere they bolt out of the car like it’s about to explode. Napoleon, the oldest, booked it to the snow so he could roll around for a bit. Mozzie, the youngster, decided he wanted to act like a fool and run around in circles. Mozzie’s leash ended up getting tangled under one of my legs and the car door along with getting tangled with Napoleon’s leash under the little section between the front bumper and tire on the car next to mine. As I was trying to maneuver myself around the leashes, my purse ended up getting stuck inside the car, so I couldn’t move what-so-ever. To top everything off, I heard in a not so pleasant voice, “IS YOUR DOG ON A LEASH!?” I whipped my head up and said, “uh yes?” and continued to pry my purse from the car. After I finally got free, untangled Mozzie’s leash with my leg, and got both their leashes unhooked from the car next to mine, I closed the door and started walking to the building. While walking, I noticed the crabby lady walking toward me with her pristine looking dog. I smiled at her but all she did was give me a very mean scowl. Feeling snubbed, I turned around to see where she was going, and of freaking course, which car do you think was hers? Yep, the one next to mine.

Once we got inside, I noticed that it was a packed lobby… full of cats. The only place to stand was next to the door. I started feeling bad for the boys because they had no ambition to be in that lobby or even in the building, and here I was making them stand next to the door. Mozzie kept scratching at the glass door and then would look at me and give me that face where you know they’re thinking, “What did I ever do to you?”. After 20 minutes standing and then sitting in the lobby, we were the only ones left waiting to be seen. Finally, they called us back and that is when all the drama really unfolded. The boys are staying at a kennel for half a week the second week in March so they needed their shots and also it was time for the heart worm blood draw check as well. Mozzie was up first. I felt so bad for the nurse who was trying to get the blood draw. Mozzie wanted nothing to do with the needle and jumped around every time she tried to stick him with it. After the 3rd try, another nurse had to come in to help me hold him down, and she had to try in the left leg because his right was really bleeding from all the poking and pulling away. Finally after the 3rd try in the left leg, she was finally able to get something. As she walked away to get the needles for the shots, I looked down and saw there was blood all over my sweatshirt. 😦 Next came the shots, also not a fun experience for the little guy.  I have never felt so bad for him… Once he was finally done, it was time for Napoleon to step on up onto the metal platform. He’s such a brave guy. He didn’t flinch for the heart worm blood draw, the 2 shots, the nose spray, or the extra blood draw done for another form of blood work. The boys then got hauled away to get their “glands” done. I won’t go into details about that, except for that was the only part of the whole time at the vet that Napoleon didn’t like and cried (more like screamed).

IMG_0686We had to wait a half hour to get test results back, and I managed to snap this picture quick. They both look like, “get me the hell out of this place.” Again, I felt bad for them. When the results finally came back, it was a sigh of relief. Napoleon is healthy! We walked out and I paid the $299 bill and they were excited to be “free” from that place. We got back in the car and made the small drive back home, where they both ended up crashing from all the mornings excitement.

I got my new camera today!!! Whoohoo!!!!


I honestly, wasn’t planning on buying it today. I was going to wait a little while and then buy it. After last nights drama with the Fitbit and then this mornings vet drama, I made the executive decision that I wanted this camera, and I wanted it now. I am so freaking glad I went with my gut in buying this because this is the greatest camera I’ve ever laid hands on! I’m in love with it, and can’t wait to take more and more pictures with it. I will give like a little review along with the kind of effects it takes, when I get the CD installed onto my macbook. I have the air which doesn’t have a cd drive (booooo) so I’m waiting on the portable usb cd drive from my godmother. Hopefully I’ll get it all uploaded tomorrow!

Last, but certainly not least, I got my duvet cover and duvet insert! I’ve never had a duvet or even really used a duvet before, so I’m definitely new to this experience. I’m in total love with how it’s looking though. 😀

As you can see, I really like the mint/light teal color! 😛 I got the duvet insert (down alternative) on amazon for $25 and then the 6 piece Duvet set (Duvet, 2 shams and then the 3 super cute pillows) for around $80 on Super inexpensive, and I love it! I lucked out with all of it being dirt cheap!

Man, this was a super long post! I haven’t had a long post like this in a long time! If you’re still reading, and I haven’t lost you yet, thanks for sticking with me! It’s off to bed now, because I have a long day of cleaning out our kitchen, and cleaning cupboards for our kitchen remodel that’s happening in a week! 😀 😀


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