I want my kitchen back.

This is the week that we’re finally remodeling our kitchen, bathroom, and little area that was once an eat in kitchen sorta thing but is now where the dogs call home.  For the past couple of weeks we have been cleaning out cabinets, cleaning the appliances we are donating, and really just gearing up for everything that was going to happen this week. This past weekend we cleaned off all the grime and gunk off the cabinets. The cabinets are the only thing that is staying in our kitchen, so we had to make them shine and look “new”. After we cleaned them and put some orange glow polish on, I put on some new hardware. This is what our kitchen looked like on Monday morning before we started. Thankfully we are paying for all the work to be done for us, but the cleaning out and getting ready for the work to beginning was hard and stressful enough. I don’t know how people live weeks upon weeks through a remodel. I’m only on day 2 and I’m going insane. Luckily just have to hold out until the end of the week. DSC_0241DAY 1: We had the plumber (Pat is super cool!) come and he unhooked the kitchen sink, dishwasher, fridge, stove, bathroom sink, and toilet. Once, that was all completed the countertop guys (awesome gents who were insanely nice!) put in our new granite countertop. While they were ripping out the old countertop, I noticed something sitting next to the wall under the radio… walked over and it was a check from 1993!

We are in total love with the countertop. It’s got little specks of copper and a navy/greenish color (depending on light) mixed in with it as well. It’s so gorgeous!

DAY 2: The flooring guy came and took out our old floor and put in the new. I even got to reminisce my childhood and got to see the original flooring! I haven’t seen that in many, many years. It was kind of cool.

DAY 3: Right now the flooring guy is putting in the last of the flooring in the bathroom, and then he’s going to grout it. Once that is completed, we won’t be able to move the new appliances in until Friday. Last night, my mom and I were looking into and discussing backsplash glass tile and wallpaper for the bathroom. Hopefully we can figure that out and order it so we can put all that in next week.

Oh, I forgot to post the pictures of the appliances we are saying “Goodbye” to… these are all real gems…

The Fridge

DSC_0249 We can’t stand this fridge. We really don’t even know why my mom bought it to begin with. For starters, we are not fans of side by side’s. There’s no freezer room, and the actual fridge space is crowded. I give kudos to anyone who can make it work, because frankly, we couldn’t. It got it’s 10+ years, but now it’s leaving today!

The DishwasherThe Dishwasher


I’m kinda on the fence about this one… I mean, it wasn’t the best dishwasher at all, but it was definitely better than our last one. Again, onto bigger and better! Hopefully… because we didn’t spend a lot of time looking at it… it was the last thing to get and we just kinda “picked one”. Yikes.

The Microwave


I’m actually kinda sad about getting rid of this. This and the stove are the original appliances. It has lasted us close to 25 years. I think that’s pretty awesome. It’s time for it to go though… the handle has broken off so many times (Thanks for saving us super glue!), the light inside stopped working probably 5 years ago, the turn table stopped working when I was a kid, and just recently the number 3 stopped working. It’s been a trooper!

The Stove

I have to say that this is the only appliance I am quite sad that is leaving. It’s such an awesome stove. What makes it completely rad is that it still works perfectly. There is nothing at all wrong with it at all. Definitely a quality made appliance. I have made and learned a lot of cool recipes/dishes on this stove. Hopefully it will go to someone who really needs it and uses it nicely. (Donating!)

Well, that’s all I have really for now. After the flooring is done today, it will be kinda slow and boring here until Friday. So until then…


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