Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge!

I talked a bit about this challenge at the beginning of the year. I really can’t believe I am still hard into this challenge. I am the type of person that starts something and never finishes. I hate that about myself. I’m continually trying to change that about myself!

If you don’t know this challenge, I will quickly sum it up for you. Obviously it’s a reading challenge, and it’s 339 books that Rory read or talked about on the show Gilmore Girls. There’s no time limit, because frankly that would be absurd! I’m hoping I finish all these within 10 years! 😛 I started the challenge this past summer and the first book I started reading was Moby Dick. Well, I’m still reading it. I went full throttle when I started it last summer… I got over halfway through in 2 weeks. Then I had to return it to the library, and just had no motivation to continue to read it. Last week, I checked two books off the list and decided to finish reading the book. Checked it out and I think I’ve read 20 pages, and have yet again, started reading a whole entirely different book. I just can not seem to get into it this time around! Plus, I have two other books waiting for me at my library and it’s like they’re secretly saying, “Oh to heck with Moby Dick… return him and come get us!” Dang talking books!

If you would like to join in on this challenge… do it! The more the merrier! I’m going to post all 339 books on my blog and then say which ones I’ve read already. I’m going to make a separate page/tab for this rather than a blog post so it’s easier to come back and update/look at, and you can find that…. HERE!

Hope you have a great day! 🙂


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