Technology sucks.

So, I think I’m returning my Jawbone UP2.

I know what you’re thinking…

You just got it didn’t you?!
You said you loved it, didn’t you?!

Yes, I did just get it and yes, I did love it. (keyword did)

So why are you returning it then?!?!

Well, here are the 3 main reasons…

  1. It’s not syncing up to the app on my phone anymore. I feel like my steps aren’t counted accurately, and it takes forever for it to get “recognized”.
  2. The app keeps crashing on my phone. I go to open it, it crashes. I finally open it, and go to look at steps, it crashes. I close it completely and reopen it, it works for about 2 minutes, then it crashes. I’ve uninstalled and then reinstalled the app, it still crashes. I’m getting frustrated, and since I’ve only had the thing for a total of 3 days, it’s not worth it.
  3. My sleep is not being tracked. For the past two days, my sleep has not been tracked… even though I’ve hit the damn button on my phone AND on the actual Jawbone. Again, I’m so frustrated! This was one of the huge draws to me; to see how I’m sleeping. Now I know it can’t be 100% accurate, but it’s not even 1% accurate at the moment. So like I said earlier… not worth it.

So where does this leave me now…

I’m looking into a Fitbit again. UGH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. After all the trouble I had before ordering and waiting for that damn thing… but I figure I’ll give it one more shot… I’m hoping I can fit into a Large… I was on the very outskirts of it on the size guideline… I don’t want to have to get an XLarge… I think that will be pretty pointless… It’ll just be too big after awhile and then what, I’ll have to buy a brand new one? No Thanks.

I’m at my best friends house this weekend, so I will have to look into sending my Jawbone back and ordering my new thing (whatever I finally decide) once I get home tomorrow.

Pleh. Technology sucks!

Stay fabulous my friends!


10 thoughts on “Technology sucks.

    • Aubrie says:

      Yeah I’m super bummed about this jawbone. My kid sister (who’s not my actual sister) also got one (we got them together) and hers is also not syncing any more. I just don’t know what to do. I’ll keep my ear out for your update.

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  1. Laura says:

    I recommend the Fitbit One! I got one recently and it’s awesome! I’ve had no problems with the app or syncing. It clips onto your shirt so you won’t have to worry about sizing and it shows you all the stats on a backlit display. It comes with a Velcro wristband that you wear to sleep. It seems pretty accurate and you can adjust the sensitivity of you want. I especially love that you can challenge yourself and friends that have fitbits. It helps motivate me to walk more than I usually do just to try and win. I give it two thumbs up!

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    • Laura says:

      FYI, it keeps track of calories lost, food and water intake (if you log it), stairs, steps, sleep, and distance travelled. You can set up alarms and it will vibrate. I’ve tried it and surprisingly it woke me up.

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      • Aubrie says:

        I looked into the Fitbit One, and after much thought, I decided to just buy the Charge HR. If something isn’t attached to my wrist, I will lose it. And since these aren’t the cheapest in the world… I don’t wanna lose the thing! 😛

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  2. 241lady says:

    I have a Fitbit and it doesn’t record my sleep because I have sleep apnea. The fit bit is new for me and I was excited when I first got it, but I’m less excited now. I have found ways to make me enjoy it more by syncing it to my fitness pal and I use it with map my ride (you have to have your phone with you though) And I just hope that the sleep apnea will improve as I lose weight and eventually it will start accurately reporting it. I’m not hugely pressed with it. I think there are probably cheaper things on the market that do the same thing. They still need to work on the fitbit at least for people like me how aren’t athletes and using it to improve their health.

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