Well for starters…

I definitely feel older!

If I could listen to a song all day long it would be this…

Oh I LOVE this song! It will occasionally come on at the gas station by my house and every time it comes on, I belt it out. I don’t care what people think… like I said, I love this song!

I honestly can’t believe I’m 25. A quarter of a century as they say. I thought about the “past” on Saturday, and it blew my mind thinking back to even just a few years ago… I can’t believe how fast time is moving and flying by. Some days I feel like I just graduated high school last week… other times I feel like I graduated 30 years ago.

I didn’t do a “birthday week” as a lot of people celebrate, but I did have a birthday weekend! On Saturday my Mom, “Sister”, and Godmother took me to the Twins game. It was simply beautiful out! It was a fabulous day for a ball game!

1384396_10152979672583432_1542400562662153608_nWe had amazing seats, it was a beautiful 81º with no humidity, and the best part… WE WON! whoohoo!!!

After the game, they then took me to The Dinner Detective in downtown Minneapolis (check the website to see if there is one in your area! Definitely recommend going! It was so fun!) Man was it an adventure to find the place, but once we got there we had a lot of fun. We sat at a table with six ladies who we found out later were cousins, who don’t see each other very much because they are located all in different places. During the “show” you are served a four course meal; appetizers, salad, dinner (I got chicken marsala OH YUM!), and then dessert (CHEESECAKE!). Like I said, it was super fun. I really enjoyed it!

So for today… for my birthday…

My dad took me out for breakfast this morning. Whata guy. I picked Perkins just because I LOOOOOOOVE their pancakes. So I got that, the Mediterranean omelet and then smashbrowns. (Tater tots smashed up with onions… again, yum). Probably not the healthiest of all breakfasts, but hey, it’s my day! 🙂 I think mother nature will be gifting me with well… you know what… so that would be nice! Dang you PCOS! It’s been like 2 months… maybe 3? So it’s definitely overdue. Crossing my fingers!

Other than that… I don’t really have anything else planned for the day except I work at 6pm.

Stay fabulous my friends!


6 thoughts on “25!

  1. ghrelin gremlin says:

    I’m so glad you had a great time. I think I spent my twenty fifth trying-and failing-to convince my husband to go see the Hobbit with me. We went later, and he actually liked it, but that day was a bit lame. I’m glad yours was better.

    Anyway, I have PCOS too, and my dr put me on nuva ring. It’s been like clockwork ever since, aside from my own lapses in memory. Have you discussed that or other birth control with your dr?


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