Mouse in the House!

My Thursday started out pretty normal… I didn’t have to work until 6pm so I got to lounge around the house all day! Yippie! Love days like that, I mean, who doesn’t?!

During Good Morning America, I decided to make myself some breakfast. Oh BOY was that a fabulous breakfast!!!

Lately, I’ve been having these crazy breakfast wants… like this morning I sautéed some kohlrabi, onions, and mushrooms. Then I saw a beef frank in the fridge and decided, HEY lets fry that baby up too! So I threw that in. I scrambled up 2 eggs and TADA! Breakfast! It was glorious!

After breakfast, I continued to sit on my behind. It was cloudy and we were finally able to open the windows, so the breeze was blowing in. It was awesome.

Fast forward to this afternoon…

So for the past couple of days I have been obsessed with Zucchini noodles. They. are. out. of. this. world! I seriously can’t stop eating them! So for lunch I remember that I had bought a big case of diced tomatoes at Sam’s Club that have been sitting in my garage, waiting patiently for someone to use them. Long story short… made Zucchini noodles with homemade marinara sauce. Again, DELICIOUS!

(you can find the recipe for this here!)

I didn’t just stop there, oh no! After I ate, I made even MORE to take with me for work tonight! This time I added 1/3 cup shredded hamburger that I had cooked last night. Seriously, I don’t see myself getting sick of anything of this for a while… I mean, my godmother grows zucchini and by grows I mean GROWS them. She sells them at farmers market every week and she fills her trunk up at least 2 times… there’s THAT MANY!

HELLO zucchini noodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here’s what my dinner looked like…

This now finally brings me to what all went down at work… So right now my bosses family is visiting. There’s a total of 8 kids there. Yes, 8 kids. Holy cow the place is full to the brim! I luckily am used to that many kids, since I was a toddler teacher’s assistant for 3 years back in the day… anyway, since they had been camping, I was told they would be “tired”. HAH! lies!… (Oh I thankfully had their grandma there with me as an extra set of hands so that was nice as well!) They earned a “slumber party movie night” so we turned on movies for them to watch. First came Mulan (love it!) and then came The Little Mermaid (fav movie as a kid!!!!). When 10:00pm rolled around and only 3 out of the 8 were sleeping, we said enough was enough and turned off the movies and turned on music. Finally around 10:30pm the munchkins fell asleep.

That’s when shit hit the fan.

I was originally only supposed to work until 10pm. I stayed longer because I didn’t want to leave their grandma all by herself with the baby and the other crazy crying man and all the other little sleeping munchkins. Good thing I did because crazy crying man woke up 5 times screaming… and the baby woke up 3 times.

After hiking up and down the stairs (because you think they would freak out at the same  time?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO…..) I came over to my computer and started to catch up on some blogs.

I heard a nose at the door and saw that their cat, Jane, wanted to come back in. So I let her in. I just happened to look at her off in the distance, when I happened to see something scurrying away.

holy shit did you see that?!

was my response.

i think jane just brought in a live mouse.

was my next response.

Sure as the air we breathe it was in fact a damn mouse.

damn cat!

was all I could really say.

We spent 45 min trying to get that damn mouse out of the house. It finally climbed behind a big cabinet thing and ended up falling into the vent. We had no idea what to do, so we took those heavy building blocks kids play with, and put them over the vents that we could find.


damn cat!

Thank God I don’t have to sleep there tonight… because frankly, there would be no sleeping. Thank God my bosses weren’t pissed with me either! I was feeling so bad that it all happened, but this isn’t the first time Jane has brought something in. At their old house, she brought in a bat and a squirrel.


damn cat!

It’s off to bed now for me… it’s 2am and I am quite exhausted after tonights activities.



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