I’m So Freakin’ Excited!

My days have been so mixed up and it’s only going to get worse! Starting at 2am on Monday morning, my vacation until the 30th starts!

i’m so freakin’ excited!


hahahaha I love this clip!!! If you haven’t watched it,
A) you are missing out
B) you must watch it now
C) here’s the link to watch it… Sue Loves Surprises: Surprise Party
D) Seriously, you haven’t seen this yet?!

Okay well it’s been an hour since I last typed the above stuff… While I was looking for the link, I started watching a whole bunch of other hysterical SNL clips. Oh boy do I love Kristen Wiig!!

Okay well, I’m going to show the top 5 of the night… The tears were streaming I was laughing so hard… Enjoy some laughs on me! 🙂

Sue Loves Surprises: Promotion

Surprise Baby

Surprise Engagement



So today went by extremely fast… I didn’t wake up until 9am. There was a pretty bad storm last night, which ended up waking me up. It was like a strobe light going off outside and then the thunder was so incredibly loud! But I ended up falling back asleep so it was fine.

I then went to the Farmer’s Market and sat and chatted with my mom and godmother. I also went around and got some stuff; kohlrabi, a mini apple pie (I couldn’t resist), and then I bought some of my mom’s cookies. Do I need them? NO! But seriously… my mom makes thee best cookies. Like no, seriously, she does. I got Andes Mint Chip cookies and then Brownie Cookies. MMMMMMM

I decided earlier that I wanted to have Papa Murphy’s Pizza for dinner tonight, so I left a little early and went and picked it up on my way out of town. Half way to work I got a text saying, “Power’s out.”

I don’t know about you, but I came to realize today that I can’t live without electricity and my electronic devices. I mean, I know I’m being dramatic, because I can in fact live without them… it’s just hard! Luckily, after I decided to cook my pizza on the grill outside (no sooner did it finish and I turned off the gas), the power turned back on!

Yay the world was once right again!

So I worked, watched a couple movies, and now am at home and going to bed. My life is so exciting 🙂

Hope you had a great Saturday, and here’s to an even better Sunday!



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