It is 4:00am…

Why am I STILL up? Yes that’s right… I have not gone to bed yet. Am I tired though sadly?


I just finished watching two movies that Sarah rented (so that’s partly why I’m still up).

The first one I watched was The Maze Runner. I actually really enjoyed that one. I’ve been wanting to rent it for a while now, but figured if it was “free” then I should TOTALLY watch it. Only real problem with that was that it has to be back on Wednesday. Well, I got it watched! HAH! I didn’t realize that there’s going to be The Maze Runner 2 coming out in September. Who’s excited? Yep me! Can’t wait to see the direction they go in that one!

The second movie I watched was Interstellar. Well… that movie was… interestingly weird. I really can’t think of any other words to describe it… I definitely thought it was a movie that made you think. Honestly most of the time I felt and thought,

“Man, I feel like I’m in a Charlie Brown cartoon…”

Anyways… It was fairly good. It definitely had some action moments and a ton of moments that got intense. I did end up getting a little teary at the end as well… but I’m gonna just say that I had dirt in my eye or something. 😛

What else do I have to say…

Not a whole lot apparently…

Maybe I will think of some more later…



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