IV Bag with Coffee…STAT!

I can officially NOT stay up all night and get no sleep.

I finally fell asleep between 4:15-4:40 am this morning, and then had to get up at 7:45 am.

I desperately need coffee.

No sleep = not eating healthy what so ever. Boo… Breakfast included Bugles & Hummus (holy crap that combination together is AWESOME!) and waffles with syrup. See, not at ALL healthy.

So this week I’m on Staycation (thank GOD!). This is when we were going to take the road trip that sadly fell through. Honestly, I needed the time to just stay at home anyways, so I’m kinda glad that it never happened. I’ve gotten to spend time with my dogs and get some stuff done around the house.

This weekend is what I’m looking forward to most though! Heading to the cabin at the lake for a girls weekend! Whoohoo!!!

Before I leave and venture to the Kwik Trip by my house for a large $1 Iced Coffee, I’m going to post a playlist Spotify made for me! It’s insanely good! Very low key, easy listening music. So relaxing! Who doesn’t like relaxing music?!




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