Let’s chat.

Hello! I finally have the time to sit down and talk all about my trip to Chicago!!

Before I start this all off… I wanna show a picture of my boys! They are hanging out with me in the sunroom while we get a new door frame put on, on our front door. Thank God it’s nice out today… there’s a wonderful breeze and it’s super cool.


Don’t they just look precious?! Oh I love em!

Ok, so let’s get down to business! On Saturday before we left, I had to first go bridesmaid and wedding dress shopping for the wedding I’ll be in next year. It was my first time ever attending something like this so it was definitely a fun experience. I felt like I was on “Say Yes to the Dress” or something! (Well I kept using the phrases and everything… haha!). After saying “Yes” to a dress, it was our turn to pick out bridesmaids dresses. Oh man… I’m not at all a dress person… I would so rather rock sweatpants and a hoodie! 😛 But obviously since I can’t wear that in a wedding, I decided to just buck up and try on as many as I possibly could. In the end, this is what I chose. It’s all lace, and it will be navy. I’m actually super excited to wear this thing. I’m GOING to look fabulous in it because I WON’T be this size come next year! 🙂


After we finished at David’s Bridal, we walked over to the other side of the parking lot and had… Old Country Buffet. So smart after trying on dresses and saying, “I won’t be this size…” to go eat at a buffet.


(The group)

When that was all finished we drove home, I packed for the windy city (yep I packed 15 minutes before we had to leave… talk about procrastination…) and we were off. I drove the whole way there (Chicago is only 6 hours away, but there is absolutely nothing to look at… it’s country, country, and more country.) When we finally got there, we got there at 11:50pm. Check in time ended at midnight. Man did we get there in time or what! We stayed at the Raffaello Hotel. It’s right across the street from the John Hancock Building.


(John Hancock Building)

(Our room)

What we ended up doing was buying a double decker bus tour ticket to get around the city. It was only $45 for 48 hours. If you ever go to Chicago I definitely recommend this… Walking is definitely nice but it’s also nice to go on this as well! They tell you a ton of information and it’s definitely easier than having to drive around yourself! We ended up doing a night bus tour (it was included) and that was definitely the right choice! Seeing all the buildings lit up… breathtaking! I tried to get a shot of the city scape with all the lights, but it didn’t take. Bummer!



The first time we went on the bus tour I saw the diamond shape building and KNEW that it was the building from “Adventures In Babysitting” but not until the 7th tour did they finally mention and point it out. Adventures in Babysitting is one of my all time favorite movies!!! 😀


Another fun little fact that I never put two and two together was… Ferris Bueller’s Dad works here! 😉


We traveled to Navy Pier and went on a wonderful “Boat Tour” as well. Got to see a lot of the buildings up close. Our tour guide, Charlie, was awesome! He was hysterical and yeah, he was definitely good looking! 😉

The first full day we were there we had breakfast at The Cheesecake Factory (in the basement of the John Hancock Building is a Cheesecake Factory. Oh heavenly days! We looove The Cheesecake Factory! We ate there for numerous meals because it was much easier than venturing out some of the time, plus we all love cheesecake. We had cheesecake every. night! Don’t worry, we all shared!) My new favorite cheesecake you ask? Red Velvet! Ohhhhh delicious!


For dinner we ate at a pizza place called Giordano’s and we all had mixed reviews. I personally loved the spinach, artichoke and feta pizza. We all didn’t care much for the deep dish though. It tasted more like lasagne, and the pizza sauce just tasted like watered down tomato paste.

For breakfast the next day we ventured to a cafe called Wildberry. We desperately wanted to go back again before we left, but it just didn’t work out. The breakfast there was HUGE! I had the “Butcher’s Skillet” and pancakes. It had hash browns, two eggs, sausage, ham, bacon, chicken sausage, and Italian sausage. It was wonderful!


After our bellies were stuffed to the extreme at Wildberry, we headed over across the street to Millennium Park. One of the many things I desperately wanted to see first hand was “The Bean”. There was a “Black Lives Matter” rally there at the time we went so it was packed! I still got to see the bean though, so I’m happy.

For dinner that night we went to, where else but the Cheesecake Factory! We went there because it was supposed to be stormy and we didn’t want to get stuck somewhere. Well low and behold, what did it end up doing just as we were sitting down? It poured! It was actually kind of funny to see all the people just scatter. People’s abandoned dinners from outside sat and collected rain and when I looked out the window, I just had to take a picture. It was a beautiful sight.


For dinner, Trisha and I shared the factory burrito. Mmmm.


The last full day we were in the Windy City, we took a bus over to the Lincoln Park Zoo. When we got there it was completely deserted. It was really nice to see some of the animals before it got busy.


After the zoo, we went to a place my mom’s co-worker told us to check out; RJ Grunts. It was actually a pretty neat little hole in the wall. I wasn’t a super huge fan of the food myself, the burger was a little on the bland side, but it wasn’t terrible. I wish I would have gotten the salad bar though… that thing was massive!!! If I ever go there again, I would definitely have that!

After we had lunch, we went to The Fourth Presbyterian Church. Haven’t heard of that? Well, have you ever seen “My Best Friend’s Wedding”? If you have… you know this church… I’d like to tell you that I didn’t get emotional but I did. I got chills when I stepped foot inside and I actually started to cry a little bit. It was breathtakingly beautiful in there. Words really can’t describe how beautiful. If you haven’t witnessed it first hand, I definitely suggest you to! (I couldn’t stop taking pictures!!!)

All in all, I loved Chicago. It was such a great trip! I learned stuff, and as I said in a previous post, I got to scratch “Visit Chicago” off my bucket list.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Let’s chat.

  1. C-La says:

    Your dogs are too cute!! Also, that dress is amazing. I’m in bridezilla mode so I love lurking on all the dresses. lol You make it look like a million dollars because of how happy you look in it – regardless of size. I love your moxie and I know you will reach your goals!

    Any chance you’re looking for an accountability partner? 🙂

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