I don’t know why blogging can be so easy some days and then bam! I never write again in over a month.

Life has been very hectic after I quit being a nanny and started my new job in November. I love writing on my blog, but I just haven’t found the time sadly. I’ve stayed in touch with my Instagram and Facebook friends, but haven’t really connected with my fellow bloggers. Sorry for that. I really don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have any of you (bloggers, instagramers, and facebookers) in my life! I rely on all of you so much!!


Anywho, enough of that mushy stuff…

Onto how I’ve been!

So as I stated above… I left my nanny family and started my new job in November. It’s been a month now since I started and I’m feeling very indifferent about the new change in my life.

I miss my nanny kiddos every single day. I still have days where I think to myself, “Did I make the right decision?” I then think about it more and know that it was my time to move on. The kids are growing up, and pretty soon, won’t need me anymore. I was already starting to get less and less hours during the week and getting majority of my hours on the weekend. I didn’t see my family, and wasn’t seeing my friends at all anymore. Plus, I was spending so much money on gas and time in the car. So that alone, makes me glad I found a job in my town and not an hour away. The new job has had it’s challenges. I’m by myself every day. I have a few customers that come in, or I see friends and people I know that I talk with, but I also have the rude and crabby people who yell and take out their frustrations on me as well. Boo retail. I never realized how some people can be just so rude to one another. Our stylist had a family member pass within this week, and when I would let the customers know why she wasn’t here, they made rude comments and honestly were just downright mean. I will never understand people like that. I have to remind myself more and more these days this… “At least you are in town… You only have a 10 minute commute rather than an hour. You’re not in your car as much, and you’re gaining customer service experience.” I mean, who wouldn’t love to change things about their jobs? I just gotta keep trucking and keep at it.


Eating and exercise wise, has been totally off though sadly. Ever since Thanksgiving, my mind has been checked out for eating healthy. My mind has been set to holiday food mode and has been insanely hard to switch back to weight watcher friendly mode. Luckily though, I haven’t made much gains! That’s always good!!!!! Health wise and gym wise… for about a month, I was dealing with intense dizzy spells, headaches, and stomach aches. I went to the Dr. and got tons of blood taken for analysis, but it all came back normal. I’m healthy at least! We are thinking it’s just a bad case of Vertigo. It’s gotten better in the past couple weeks, so I finally got back to the gym. It felt good being back. I went out and got new gym clothes (just sweatshirt pull overs and workout pants… how can I live in cold Minnesota and only have one pair of workout pants???)


Hmm… What else is there to update you about? Right now, I have no clue! OH!!!!! I know!!!

I am almost finished with Moby Dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you guys know how long it has taken me to read this damn book!?! Well over a flipping’ year! It’s taken me so long!! I have 40-something more pages! So I’m heading to the Library now to check out a new one to check off The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge!


Alright friends… We are supposed to be getting a huge winter storm in the next couple hours so I gotta get up and moving to get my butt to the library!!!!

Talk to you all very soon…


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