Busy Busy Busy.

Hello! I've been extremely swamped the past week, so that's why I haven't been on here to talk. So, why have I been swamped you ask? Well here let me explain... So my last post was last Tuesday, and I left you with me telling you about my boring day and a stomachache. I went … Continue reading Busy Busy Busy.


Upset Tummy Tuesday.

This will be a very short post. Nothing happened today. It was quite boring at work and I didn't do much besides watch TV and veg when I came home. I was planning on going to workout after work, but I was having tummy troubles so I decided I wouldn't push my luck at the … Continue reading Upset Tummy Tuesday.


It's here. The new year. How did your first day go? Did some habits roll over? Mine did. Not as bad, but to some extent yes. I started my day by drinking a Mimosa. Why? Because I for starters had extra champagne from the night before and secondly, mimosa's are just so good!! I stupidly … Continue reading 2016.