SmartPoints: Official first day.

So I really haven’t given the whole SmartPoints on Weight Watchers a shot yet. I’ve been mentally adding up points via points plus in my head ever since they made the switch. I definitely wasn’t a fan when I first heard of the whole change. I loved the old way, and I was finally (after a year sadly) getting the hang of every thing.

I’ve been switching and changing all my recipes to now have SmartPoint values, and honestly, a lot of my recipes went down in points. Granted, I’m not all that happy about my “treat” options are doubled and even tripled in points. I feel like they’re trying to take a way the “get to treat yourself” option, but I’ll still keep at with it because really I’m learning how to eat the best foods possible.

This will be a very short post… I’m currently cooking/baking my dinner and it’s just about done! If it’s any good, I will totally post the recipe!!!

UPDATE: I just posted the recipe on here to my dinner…

Honey Mustard Pretzel-Coated Chicken Strips



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