This is my first ever book review! I decided by doing this it would definitely get me more involved with my blog, and honestly, it would hopefully help me remember some of the books I’ve been reading!

So Tangled is a young adult book written by Carolyn Mackler. This book is told in four point of views by four people; Jena, Dakota, Skye, and Owen.

Jena: A girl with very low self esteem.
Dakota: The jock who is a major tool.
Skye: The wanna be movie star who has more issues than anyone really knows.
Owen: “The Loser with the Laptop”

The story is about these four young people all getting “tangled” up in life while vacationing in the Caribbean in a place called Paradise. To me, this book is definitely a “coming to age” kind of book. Each one learns stuff about themselves with the help of the other characters.

I actually saw myself a lot in Jena. I related to her quite a bit. She loves quotes. She has a notebook that she writes all of the quotes she loves. There’s a part in the book when she’s asked why she knows so many quotes. Her response in a nutshell was that she thought she liked them because she had no life and that she was living through other people. What she ended up realizing though was that they make her feel less alone. That they make her feel more connected with others who may be feeling the same way she is. I definitely can totally agree with all of that.

The other character I felt connected to was Owen. Owen doesn’t like to take chances. He hides in the background and is somewhat of a chicken. He feels most at ease though when he’s writing on his blog. Again, totally me! Taking chances is scary! What’s great is that he finally learns to take a chance and it is life changing for him.

I loved reading this book. It was so hard to put down! It’s definitely an easy read as well; I finished it in less than two days! My favorite parts about the book were honestly seeing the characters “grow up”. The challenges they went through and how they decided to change their lives for the better.

I would most definitely recommend this book!!

Have you by chance read this book? Did you enjoy it or no? What was your favorite or least favorite part? 


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