miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children.





It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. As our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores is abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that Miss Peregrine’s children were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may be have been quarantined on a deserted island for good reason. And somehow-impossible though it seems-they may still be alive.

A spine-tingling fantasy illustrated with haunting vintage photography, Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children will delight adults, teens, and anyone who relishes an adventure in the shadows.

So, I ventured away from the typical reading I was doing before and went into the other kind of reading I’m very much in to; Paranormal, Supernatural, and the unexplainable. I honestly had never heard of this book until I saw a preview for the movie that is coming out in September 2016. After seeing the preview, I felt the utter need to read the book! Boy, am I glad I did. This book is superb! It’s told in one point of view with the main character being Jacob.

This book is full of action and adventure, but also makes you use your head and think. It’s great when you read a book and have the book “pull one off on you”. There were twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. It was overall just a wonderful read.

Totally give this book 5 stars! Can’t wait to read the next installment in this series! (I checked it out today!)  🙂




firefly lane.


In the turbulent summer of 1974, Kate Mularkey has accepted her place at the bottom of the eighth-grade social food chain. Then, to her amazement, the “coolest girl in the world” moves in across the street and wants to be her friend. Tully Hart seems to have it all – beauty, brains, ambition. On the surface they are as opposite as two people can be: Kate, doomed to be forever uncool, with a loving family who mortifies her at every turn. Tully, steeped in glamour and mystery, but with a secret that is destroying her. They make a pact to be best friends forever; by summer’s end they’ve become TullyandKate. Inseparable.

So begins Kristin Hannah’s magnificent new novel. Spanning more than three decades and playing out across the ever-changing face of the Pacific Northwest, Firefly Lane is the poignant, powerful story of two women and the friendship that become the bulkhead of their lives.

For thirty years, Tully and Kate buoy each other through life, weathering the storms of friendship-jealousy, anger, hurt, resentment. They think they’ve survived it all until a single act of betrayal tears them apart… and puts their courage and friendship to the ultimate test.

Where to start with this one. Completely and utterly, an amazing work of art. I love when books captivate you from the very first chapter. There was never a slow part in this book because it was continuously moving and getting better. A definite page turner!

Like all her books that I’ve read so far, this was written in two points of view;
Kate: A girl who thinks she’s ordinary. She believes in love and wants to find a happy ending.
Tully: A girl who feels alone in life. That is until she meets Kate. She finds a family with this friendship.

I really do not want to go into talking about this book, just for the sheer reason that I want it to hit you as hard as it hit me. It took me a couple days to recover from reading it. It’s been a week and I’m still recovering. It makes you realize what is and isn’t important in your own personal life. It made me realize how much I love my best friend and also how much I want to have a family some day.

Go check out this book. You won’t be disappointed.


magic hour.


Deep in the Pacific Northwest lies the Olympic National Forest – nearly one million acres of impenetrable darkness and impossible beauty. Even in this modern age, much of it remains undiscovered, and uncharted. From the heart of this old forest, a six-year-old girl appears. Speechless and alone, she can give no clue as to her identity, no hint of her past…

Until recently, Dr. Julia Cates was one of the preeminent child psychiatrists in the country, but a scandal shattered her confidence, ruined her career, and made her a media target. When she gets a desperate call from her estranged sister, Ellie, a police chief in their small western Washington hometown, Julia jumps at the chance to escape her troubled life in Los Angeles.

In Rain Valley, Washington, nothing much ever happens-until a girl emerges from the deep woods and walks into town. She is a victim unlike any Julia has ever seen: a child locked in a world of unimaginable fear and isolation.

When word spreads of the “wild child” and the infamous doctor who is treating her, the media descend on Julia and once again her competence is challenged. State and federal authorities want to lock the girl away in an institution until an identification can be made.

But to Julia, who has come to doubt her own ability, nothing is more important than saving the girl she now calls Alice. To heal this child, Julia will have to understand that she cannot work alone and must look to others – the people in the town she left long ago, the sister she barely knows, and Dr. Max Cerrasin, a handsome, private man with secrets of his own.

Then a shocking revelation forces Julia to risk everything to discover the truth about Alice’s past. The ordeal that follows will test the limits of her faith, her forgiveness, and her love as she struggles to determine where Alice truly belongs.

In her most ambitious novel to date, Kristin Hannah delivers an incandescent story about the resilience of the human spirit, the triumph of hope, and the mysterious places in the heart where love lies waiting.

Holy cow Batman… THIS BOOK! Honestly, I don’t think Kristin can write a bad book. All of her books, I know I keep saying this, but they take you to another world. I haven’t read an author that does this for me as well as she does. Everything she writes makes you honestly feel like you are the main character(s) and that you’re living what they are going through in the book. There were so many times during this that after I put the book down, I kept thinking about the book and “what I would do if I was in that situation”.

This story is told in four points of view.
Julia: A psychiatrist who is going through a tough time. A client committed a terrible act towards others and then sadly herself, and the media has crucified her for it. She feels alone.
Ellie: Julia’s older sister, who is the shining star of Rain Valley. Once the high school sweetheart, now she is the Chief of Police.
Alice: The “wolf girl” known to people in Rain Valley. A little girl who has had a rough upbringing and was found by Ellie and the rest of the people in Rain Valley.
Max: An “eye candy” doctor from Los Angeles who ran to Rain Valley to get away from what happened in his past.

I really don’t have a favorite part in this story. It honestly got to me from beginning to end. The characters in this book really all resinated with me in some way. Julia has been heartbroken in the past and she’s needed to get away from the scandal that is happening in her life. Who hasn’t had something bad happen in their life and has wanted to just pick up and leave? I know I have! Ellie has been married twice and is just looking for someone to love her and give her children. Isn’t that what a lot of people are looking for? Someone to come home to every night? Alice is scared and doesn’t really know what is happening around her. Then she meets someone who she is able to trust and love, as well as for them to love her back. Isn’t that what everyone wants? Someone to trust and to love? Someone who you know won’t leave you, who will be with you when you need them the most? Lastly, there’s Max. Max, like Julia, is running away from his past. That is until he meets someone that makes everything, love in particular, all worth it again. I don’t know about you, but I am looking for everything the characters are wanting/looking for.

I give this book