So remember in my last post I said that I had some exciting news?! Yeah, well that was... I had a first date yesterday. Whoa! Say what?! Yeah! Does anyone else feel so awkward towards first dates? My Fitbit said I was up to 130 beats! Holy moly! I was definitely feeling all kinds of … Continue reading Fear.



Hello friends. I've done it again... I've stopped writing. Life has been pretty hectic lately. Things are in a constant state of commotion lately, and I haven't really stopped to just breathe. The past couple of weekends have been non-stop. I work all week so I end up saving everything I normally need to get … Continue reading Dreams.


Well vacation was a total success! At first when we got there and I was driving us through the insanely crazy streets of Chicago at 11:50pm, I was having huge doubts... I'm in no way a city gal. I like the peace and quiet of small cities and towns. I was out of my element … Continue reading Vacation!